DJ - Kennedy ​OHM G

Ibiza Frequency - House, Disco, Motown, Funk, Indie, Pop and Rock.

The Ibiza Frequency tick all the boxes in party entertainment here on the White Island. 

This remarkable line up of Ibiza’s finest offers the perfect mix of live music combined with a DJ. 

Featuring vocals, instrumentalists and a DJ, this line up allows them to move effortlessly from genre to genre. 

From Jamming on House Anthems to covering the classics and today's current radio hits, this band covers all the angles!

When you think of Ibiza and it’s music… you think amazing live saxophone, huge powerhouse vocals, rhythmic percussive beats and of course, that all-important DJ to put it all together. 

They can cross genres with ease thanks to DJ Kennedy (also available for solo DJ sets) with his 20 years of experience spinning records. 

They work best with house and disco but love motown, funk, indie, pop and rock. 

All the talent of a live band… but with a DJ, the music doesn’t stop!