Natalia Siggi - Sax

Yasmina & Rosallina - Electro  Celtic Harp

They are a stunning and exciting new musical duo from Sicily: featuring acclaimed singer & DJ Yasmina (whose family lineage in Italy spans more than 500 years and whose father is one of Italy’s most respected opera conductors) and Rosellina (an established classical Harpist who has worked alongside the world renowned Andrea Bocelli, Andreas Wollenveider and many more).

Between them they can cover a complete evenings entertainment - specializing in weddings - progressively changing the style of the performance to better fit the different moments of the party.

This can be anything from traditional Celtic ballads to Electronic House Dj set passing through new age with Mediterranean influences and vocal jazz singing.

The typical show starts at the exchange of rings with Rosellina playing delicate classical musical melodies with the Celtic Harp, smoothly moving to evocative Celtics ballads and dreaming new age / ethnic and bluesy sounds. In this part of the set, Yasmina does smooth vocal interventions that furtherly deepen the elegance of the musical proposal. During the dinner the show becomes more interactive, with Yasmina singing the most famous Jazz standards such as My Funny Valentine, Blue Moon, Cry me a river, Night and day wondering around the tables with her wireless microphone, smoothly catching the attention of the guests. In this part of the show Rosellina plays dreaming Celtic Harp interventions that makes even more exclusive the set. After dinner the tempo turns upwith a beautiful deep and uplifting electronic DJ set sublimely mixed into Yasmina’s sultry vocals and beautiful strings of Rosellina electro Celtic harp, taking you on an enchanting journey leaving you with no but to shake your ass!