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Rod Stewart

Robert as Rod Stewart – good enough to convince even the most inveterate fans of the British rocker. 

After all, Robert himself was once on stage side by side with Rod Stewart, for Rod’s farewell tour with his band “Faces”.

At the time, however, no one ever thought that Robert was, one day, to captivate audiences as one of the best Rod Stewart impersonators every evening in “Stars in Concert“ with hits such as “Sailing“, “Maggie May“ and “Tonight's the Night“. 

In 20 years of show biz as a member of the band “Strider“, more and more fans had approached him for his grating voice and his similarity to Rod Stewart, and the singer finally decided to portray the superstar. The result is a demonstration of the characteristic sound and the personality of the real star. And Robert is happy with his decision: 

“I am very happy that I sound like a star who makes such great music. Fortunately I don’t have a voice like 'Tiny Tim'.“ And in addition to voice, movement and looks there is another thing Robert and his original have in common: both were passionate footballers, even playing as professionals once.