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DJ Beatriz is what we all want in a DJ- someone who plays for us because they are us.

An Ibiza stronghold and festival maven, Dj Beatriz embodies the gypsy spirit of the island’s authentic self. Whether you’re in need of something sophisticated and decidedly jet-set, or you’re just down to feel sand in your toes and that magical house-music heartbeat, this is one DJ that delivers the goods.

DJ Beatriz is considered by the public and the electronic industry as one of the most outstanding and charismatic ambassadors of Ibiza, of its most intimate and human side, distinguishing herself from the impostures that sometimes dominate the island.

A fierce identity that has led DJ Beatriz to be Pacha Ibiza and its World Tours image during an important period of the Pacha brand´s trajectory.

DJ Beatriz has played in more than 200 clubs, 40 countries on 5 continents.

An indispensable name in the electronic circuit of Ibiza.

"A unique style combined with a great passion and energy capable of transforming any party into a festival."

Former Pacha resident, 2017  Beatriz will be performing at  Ushuaia and she has been a regular at  Mambo Ibiza, Privilege, Nassau Beach Club, Km5 and Blue Marlin.

 “Best Artist of the Year” in the Vicious Music Awards.

The Queen of making music a bridge, not a barrier, between DJ and crowd, creating a family.