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Corporate Events

From Porsche to Pepsi, we are hard pushed to name any major firms that our artists haven’t, collectively, already performed for.

With our years of experience in the field, we offer a firm sensitivity to the needs of corporate events: – from incidental music gently enhancing proceedings, to using the full power of our acts to cajole your guests into an abandoned frenzy!

With a wide range of genres and size scalable productions, we are here to help your brand deliver to its full potential.

Whatever the budget, and however large or small the event, let us play an invaluable part in tailoring your day’s musical needs.

Below a few videos & photos...

Onita launching the Mini F56 in Puerto Rico, MizMoni launching a new Cristal Champagne at Blue Marlin Ibiza (House vocals with Models), Beatrix for BMW and more...