​DJ Ants Mercedes

"Berlin Sax" - Sax, Violin & DJ

"Berlin Sax"  is a young German saxophone virtuoso, internationally experienced in diverse music styles like Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock and also famous for her characteristic saxophone solos on House music.

Discover the charming and dynamic stage appearance of this musician who understands how to connect playful with her audience. Her extraordinary musical skills and wide range of genres let her merge easily in all kinds of events - from an intimate dinner music atmosphere to a high level ceremonious live act. "Berlin Sax" played with choir's, orchestras and saxophone ensembles. She performed in the presidential Prague Castle of the Czech Republic and is also Gesine Schwan's (President of the Viadrina Europe University) favorite for all kinds of venues.

Enjoy this cosmopolitan, versatile artist who wins over audiences with a stunning musical quality but also with her sparkling temperament.