DJ Beatriz Montecarlo Party Band

Serendipity an artistic production where the composition of the tracks are improvised spontaneously In a similar way as a Dj set but using various electronic instruments & percussion. A colorful mixture of vintage and new gadget generation of electronic equipment, e.g Nord Modular, Novation Bass Station, Fender Rhodes piano, Korg MS10 Synthesizer, Alesis Drumpad, Roland TR8 & Ableton Live.

The music is a fusion of progressive mind expanding beats, song structured arrangements and clear undertone of warm rasp vocals. You will find deep baselines in combination with ethnic instruments, looped guitars aligned with beautiful piano melodies, cool grooves, spiced with percussion of hang drum samples. The voice, charismatic, and broken low range is raw and passionate, as well as sonically erotic.

The live set is a continuous mix of elements of their studio productions and spot on improvisation and modulation that already brought the project to Ibiza ́s recognition. The show is highly recommended for fashion shows, stylish beach clubs, private events festivals and Nightclubs, Concerts and Events including charity and those who ́s aim is to contribute to a better world - stylish, inspiring, current and filled with anticipation.

Duo: Vocals, Percussion & Synthesizers together with Keyboards & Programming.