Francisco Ibiza Gipsy King

Flamenco: elegante, profesional, joven y moderno

Ibiza Flamenco cuenta con unos músicos de flamenco elegantes, profesionales, jóvenes y modernos. Mientras mantienen los orígenes y las raíces de la música flamenca, Ibiza Flamenco es también la nueva generación de artistas españoles de flamenco.

El repertorio musical se compone de: ritmos flamencos y tradicionales ("palos") como las bulerías, tangos, fandangos, rumbas, alegrías, sevillanas, taranta, así como boleros y coplas fusionadas con el flamenco.

Ibiza Flamenco están disponibles en todo tipo de eventos y por supuesto con los mejores bailarines de flamenco.

Ibiza Flamenco band founded in 2007 in  Madrid.

The band was complemented in 2008 by young flamenco musicians from Ibiza: the singer ("Cantaor") Joan, the guitarist Raúl and the pianist and multi-instrumentalist Samúel P.

Guitar, voice and percussion forms the basis of an exceptcional flamenco act, in some cases supported by other flamenco artists, like the pianist Samél Pérez, the singer Raúl Jiménez from Madrid or the dancer Miguel Barranco and his international flamenco dance company.

Adapting perfectly to the conditions and surroundings of each event, Ibiza Flamenco is eager to fill the audience with enthusiasm for flamenco wherever possible.

With a large variety of sets the band is perfectly prepared to suit shows and events whether festive or formal, public or private.

In short, a musical live-event that will touch and move the most descerning audience.

Ibiza Flamenco guarantees best sound quality and staging thanks to its own technical equipment and lights and the experience and training in sound engineering.

The musical repertoire consists of: Traditional flamenco-rhythms ("palos") like bulerías, tangos, fandangos, rumbas, alegrías, sevillanas, taranta, etc. with lyrics from famous singers like Camarón.

Traditional afrocuban compositions, like boleros and coplas, fusioned with flamenco.

Selected works from great piano and flamenco guitar composers.