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Welcome and congratulations on your engagement!

I am sure you are extremely excited and possibly a little overwhelmed by the amount of options on offer to you for your special day. If you are deciding upon whether or not to hire a Wedding Celebrant then I can tell you that this option would suit a couple who feels deeply connected to each other and their loved ones who will be attending, but who does not feel comfortable with having a traditional religious ceremony. 

Having a Celebrant guide the ceremony allows you as a couple to decide upon just how spiritual, traditional, humorous, serious or sweet the event might be. 

It is a Celebrant’s job to tell the story of your unique love and thus you need to feel heard, comfortable and individually connected with them.


"To love is to take some one as a part of yourself and thus you become one. The Union, the Unit. The wedding contract is paper and can be important in its own way. But the love, the taking in of each other as oneself, to form an eternal bond and union as one – that is true marriage. This beautiful couple know that it is not the signature on a marriage certificate that seals their marriage. It is the courage and commitment it takes to stand up in front of their friends and family, people they love and respect, and make a promise that will last the rest of their lives. They have chosen to take this step as a statement of confidence in their love and commitment towards each other. Their belief in the power of the family unit, their shared values and their commitment to maintain their individuality will carry them through the inevitable challenges that life will bring."

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I am a South African working as a business owner and personal coach between Berlin and Ibiza. I began my work as a Wedding Celebrant in a beautifully synchronistic way when a lovely couple that had heard of my coaching work approached me. 

We met via Skype and I fell in love with the connection between them and everything they wished to express to each other and their loved ones on their special day.

As a coach it is my job to listen for the beauty and truth in the stories we tell about each other and ourselves. I believe that being your Wedding Celebrant is a gift and an honour. It is my job and my passion to translate your personal love story to all those that attend your wedding and to tell it with warmhearted authenticity, love and humour.