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Ibiza House Orchestra

Hailing from the White Isle itself, everything about this amazing live 14 piece band is Ibiza based.

When you hear the name Ibiza you instantly think music. And then if you’ve been lucky enough to visit the White Isle you think of the amazing landscapes, sunsets and magical, creative vibe that forms a visual backdrop to the soundtrack of the music you hear wherever you are on the island.

Selecting from the top of the pile of some of the biggest House and Dance Anthems in the history of electronic music in Ibiza and worldwide, this 14 piece band will blow your mind and take you on a journey through all those hands in the air moments we’ve all shared from beach bar, to club to after party and Villa party over the years with classic after classic all seamlessly put together and performed as perfectly as any top DJ would mix them.

For well over 20 years now summer in Ibiza has been vibrating to the pulse of 4 to the floor House music of ever growing genres and in all those years DJ’s have been spinning thousands of tracks to crazed crowds all night long. So many of those tracks become Classic Dance Floor Anthems which are so of their time.

In a few years many of them reappear in a new, remixed form but ultimately still holding the essence of what the original track had that made the crowds raise their hands in the air when ever the DJ dropped those anthems.

So what if you could take that history of Ibiza House Anthems and fuse them with an amazing, powerful live show. That’s where the Ibiza House Orchestra steps in. Formed from the best and most highly talented musicians actually living on the island, the Ibiza House Orchestra is set to be the biggest, freshest and most exciting live band Ibiza has ever seen.

All photos on this page apart from the Finding Ibiza ones are credited to Jordi Cervera.