Cathy Battistessa Manuel

Lenny - Pop - EDM -House - R&B

Lenny is a true eye catcher attracting everybody’s attention not only through music. Her sparkling eyes, the curly mane, her super body with these incredibly long legs ensure that her audience is left with a musical as well as a visual impression.

Lenny is able to communicate in five different languages and therefore reaches the hearts of her international audience all over the world. She also has a very exquisite and outstanding Russian repertoire.

Check out all her booking options...

* Solo, accompanying herself on the piano which is her specialty

* Accompanied by a keyboard player or a guitarist, as well as by half-playbacks

* live vocalizing on a DJ-set

* Accompanied by a full band (keys, guitar, bass, drums, and optionally with Lenny on the second keys).

Additional musicians like sax, percussions etc. are available upon request.

* Lenny is also available with her all-female dance show: 3 or 5 ladies, all of them dancing with Lenny singing very popular songs in three themes (ca. 15 minutes each) and costumes:

1. Soundracks - The Great Gatsby, 50 Shades Of Grey, Burlesque etc.
2. Black Drama - Pink, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Medina etc.
3. Rainbow - this is a very special set, versatile as the rainbow itself: this set is based on you event’s motto. Be it a "white party“, a „Michael Jackson Revival“, „90ies“ or a party in the best traditions of our favorite island (David Guetta, Avicii, Martin Solveig…) - we can make it all happen for you. This set should be agreed on at least two month ahead of the event.

You can book a singular set as well as all of them in a row. The show can be accompanied by a DJ (half-playbacks) or a full band. The show is also available as an evening-filling revue with visuals, acrobats etc.

"Lenny’s repertoire contains mainly pop music, including the variety of disciplines that we call „pop“ today, which would also be (soft) EDM, house music and contemporary R’n’B. The array of songs performed by Lenny goes from highly modern repertoire (Jessie J., Justin Timberlake, Sia, Beyoncé, Calvin Harris, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, One Republic etc.) to „immortal“ pieces by Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Lenny Kravitz and even Guns’n’Roses. She can also surprise you by a sophisticated classical piece performed on piano.“

Lenny was born in Kyrgyzstan. Her family knew, from the moment she started singing before even speaking, that they were raising a future music star.

The energetic and multitalented Lenny began her formal training in classical piano at the tender age of six. She quickly added guitar and ballet lessons to her ambitious schedule. As soon as she arrived to her new home in Germany she started her vocal studies. The school choir offered her the opportunity to try different music genres such as musical, swing, and Gospel before she took her first steps as a professional pop singer.

The road to success is long and hard but so far it has already led her to the hippest clubs in Paris, London, Ibiza, and the most exclusive hotels in Shanghai and Monaco. Performing in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin and participating in big TV-productions such as X Factor and Come Dine With Me have already been vantage points along her path.

She is continuously working on herself and her music with a great dedication to improve her skills as a singer, songwriter, pianist and entertainer. Her songs reflect this enormous passion for music. Each composition is an intoxicating firework of emotions and as versatile as Lenny herself. Therefore, it is no surprise that her listeners are comparing her to big music stars like Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera

No matter whether you are in need for a gentle tune or a happy, catchy song to sing along and dance to, Lenny has the perfect song for every mood.