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Elton John

The outfit is perfect: a bright red shiny suit, loud glasses, an identical haircut. When Mitch takes the stage as Elton, there is always a gasp from the crowd. For he has a likeness to his great idol right down to the smallest detail, such as the distinguishing gap in the teeth.

And during the show, he is just like Elton John – he does standing jumps on to the grand piano, plays piano standing and dancing, and constantly seeks contact with the audience. 

The source of his talent for show business is surely his family. He was born in California to a singer mother and a professional magician, and was given his first piano lesson at the age of six. He began his career as a singer and keyboard player in a number of bands. 

In 1988 he had an engagement in a Las Vegas production in which he first appeared as Neil Diamond. But the producers quickly recognised his incredible similarity to Elton John, and Mitch too saw that he could give free rein to his wild and lively temperament through imitations of the extraordinary stage shows of Elton John. 

Since then, he has been enthralling audiences with “Crocodile Rock“ and other worldwide hits by the original Elton John, and carrying them away with his eccentric and glorioulsy-coloured costumes into the world of the seventies.