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Grabana – Ibiza Saxophon & DJ

Grabana ist vor allem ein Entertainer, der Freestyle-House, Deep, Funk, Lounge und andere elektronische Musikgenres präsentiert.

Seine musikalische Vielseitigkeit hat sich in vergangenen Jahren, als die Kombination von DJ und Saxophon auf Dance-Partys in Mode kam, bezahlt gemacht. Diese spektakuläre Kombination ist nach wie vor im Trend, und das aus gutem Grund. Grabana eignet sich perfekt für Geschäftsevents, private Partys, Lounge-Bars, Mode-Partys oder Nacht-Clubs.

Kann als Solokünstler (Chill-Out-Session), Duo mit DJ (Party-Session) oder Trio mit Sänger und Gitarre gebucht werden.

"Grabana" began playing the saxophone at the early age of 10. He performed with several music groups and won some local competitions. "Grabana" is foremost an entertainer who specializes in freestyle house, deep, funk and electro music genres. Global, multifaceted luxury lifestyle brand Nikki beach`s resident saxophonist in Ibiza, he has also played throughout South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

His quality and musical versatility is abundant and has placed him in demand wherever he plays. Combined with his live performance abilities alongside incredible Dj's, he has become popular in the house/dance music scene.

Illustrious venues include 5 star catamaran, fiesta hotel group ibiza, villa mercedes, cotton beach club, no name beach club, private corporate events, private parties and boat parties, headlining with famous bands such as ministry of sound, cafe mambo group and with hed kandi in wide-ranging diverse locales. Grabo loves entertaining around the globe: switzerland, at the basel fashion shows; colombia, on the medellin envy rooftop; england, london mcqueen shoreditch night club, with hed kandi; ghana, hed kandi volkswagen event; and in hungary at the moulin rouge.

The globe-traveling, sax-appealing life of the party, "Grabana"' musical passion knows no bounds. Intense, vibrant, highly contemporary, always innovating and defying. A particular genre. It's all about the music!